Sierra Rhoades Nicholls has been turning herself upside-down for as long as she can remember. A lover of all things acrobatic and exhilarating, she trained as a gymnast her whole life and has fallen in love with standing on her hands. Growing up in Missoula, Montana, Sierra moved across the country to receive instruction from Maine Circus Academy Professional Level Training Program. Sierra went on to attend Circadium School of Contemporary Circus in Philadelphia, PA where she graduated in June 2021 with a double major in partner acrobatics and handstands as well as a minor in foot juggling.

Sierra is as passionate about training technically as she is artistically. Hours spent staring at one's hands, fighting for balance, teaches a person to think deeply about their place in the world and how they wish to spend their time. In an effort to make work that spreads roots deep into our souls, Sierra has devoted her life to her craft. 


Sierra's desire to help others also led her to found CSAW - Connecting Circus Students Around the World in 2018. CSAW is a non-profit devoted to making resources and financial aid accessible for the circus community.   

Click below to see a list of Sierra's clients, performances and notable training. For more information about past performances and training, feel free to contact Sierra.