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Previous Group Work

To view demo reels rather than full pieces, click the button below: 

Click below to see a list of Sierra's show credits, clients, performances and notable training. For more information about past performances and training, feel free to contact Sierra.

Trio Act

"Solstice Excerpt 2024"

Excerpt from Solstice by Circus Evo Performed February 2024 at Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina Set design and choreography by Houston Odhum

Lighting by Amanda Fisk


Kevin & Sierra Thesis Act

You can learn more about this act and its creation by clicking on the link below. Here you will find an artist statement delivered by Sierra & Kevin about the act:


Special thanks to Aidan O'Shea for all of his support and to L Feldman for artistic assistance.


Lighting by Kyle Driggs and Rider Stanton.


Videography by Andrea Murillo, Ben Grinberg and Bob Sweeney. Audio and video editing by Sierra Rhoades.


Song "D Minor Blues" by Rick Danko.

Scroll down for Sierra's solo thesis act and visit Kevin's website for his!

"4:18 AM"

“4:18 AM” is an introspective visual album of “Let Them Eat Chaos” by Kae Tempest. This contemporary circus show utilizes set design, movement and text to tell the story of seven sleepless strangers brought together on one sleepless night.

Sierra Rhoades Nicholls directed and produced this show as part of "Circadium Presents : 4:18AM & Chaos Theory" in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, September 2019. 

For inquiries about 4:18AM, to see more or to book the show email

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Previous Solo Work



"The Time Has Come" is Sierra Rhoades' thesis act prepared for graduation from Circadium School of Contemporary Circus. ​


Special thank you to Kyle Driggs and Aidan O'Shea for assistance in artistic creation.


Videography thanks to:

- Andrea Murillo

- Bob Sweeny

- Ben Grinberg


Audio editing by Sierra Rhoades. Excerpts of audio from:


- "Loves Way" by Sevdaliza

- "Threads (1984)" original trailer

- "Radio Static Sound Effect" by Paradox Mirror

- "Doctor Strangelove" film by Stanley Kubrick

- "Taiko Drumming" by Kaoru Watanbe

- "Quiet's Theme" by Dp.Honda


Here is an artist statement about this act from Sierra:



Sierra's performance of the character, Zoe, in her self directed contemporary circus show "4:18 AM." 

"I Am" Handstand Act

Inspired by imperfection and acceptance, this is one of Sierra's many solo handstand acts. (Performed to "I Am" by Jorja Smith. Sierra does not own the rights to this music.)

4:18 AM Lyra Act

Sierra's original circus love was lyra! This was the act which seeded the inspiration for her full length show "4:18 AM" 

Summer 2019 Tour

In the summer of 2019 Sierra worked with former Cirque du Soleil juggler Kyle Driggs and former Martha Graham dancer, Andrea Murillo. She toured the US with their company 3AM Theatre assisting and performing in their evening length show "Eventide." 

Filmed by Avi PN, this is Sierra's most recent handstand act. She challenged herself to create a piece that was purely motivated by a piece of music and the task of moving to it while upside-down.


Contact Sierra today and start collaborating on a new piece of art. You can view even more previous works via the button below: 

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